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Single Estate Chocolate: “single plantation” or “single estate” refers to cacao from a specific property, meaning that the cacao was sourced from a smaller area.
Leah is a distributor of artisanal chocolate collaborating with small Independent producers across the globe. We select their best chocolate products and make them available to a wider audience so more chocolate lovers, new and real aficionados, can discover what a fabulous ingredient cacao is. 
Workshops & Tastings
Do you want to experience the notable taste differences between various single origin chocolates? Or learn more about cacao farming and bean-to-bar chocolate production. You'll be surprised to learn what food or drinks a quality chocolate can be paired with. For small groups we can organise custom tastings and workshops at your or our location. Or check our event calendar and join one or more of our regular workshops and tastings.
Leah Specialty Bar & Shop
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