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Coffee of the Day / Refill | € 3 / € 2 
daily brew of black filter coffee from regularly changing single origin varieties, milk is not an option
refill your coffee of the day cup at a reduced price, not available to go
Coffee of the House € 3
daily brew of black filter coffee from our house blend, just black or available with milk on the side
Shot in the Dark€ 4.5
sinful blend of filter coffee and a single, double or tripple shot espresso
Slow Coffee
Brewing the perfect cup requires a bit of chemistry. Each brew method has its own extraction qualities and produces a unique taste from the same single-origin beans. To respect all the effort put in from bean to cup, we only serve these black, without milk or sugar.
Aeropress € 4.5
stronger coffee extracted under pressure from finer grinds
V60 € 4.5
unique filter and pour-over technique producing a nuanced and balanced cup
Kalita € 4.5
evenly extracted pour-over filter coffee with a more complex body
Clever Dripper € 4.5
filter coffee brewed with a controlled steeping time for a fuller body
French Press € 4.5
fuller coffee with a higher concentration of oils and grind fines
Chemex € 4.5
light and clear cup of slightly more filtered pour-over coffee
Syphon € 8
fascinating technical brew using pressure infusion and extraction by water vapor
Espresso Black
Espresso means pressed out in Italian. This refers to the way espresso is made — forcing boiling water through pressed coffee grounds. Although espresso has more caffeine per volume than coffee, it would take three shots to equal the amount in a regular cup
Espresso € 2.5
small coffee shot with intense flavours and a distinct crema
Doppio € 3
double espresso shot for that extra caffeine boost
Ristretto € 3
very concentrated double shot espresso with very intense flavours
Americano € 3
single or double espresso tempered with hot water for milder flavours
Espresso White
Espresso Macchiato € 3
single espresso crowned with a dash of milk foam on top
Doppio Macchiato € 3.5
double espresso crowned with a dash of milk foam on top
Cortado € 3
espresso with a little steamed milk
Cappuccino - Regular / Large € 3.5 / € 4.2
espresso with equal parts steamed milk and foam, available regular or large
Anna’s Cappuccino € 4
cappuccino topped with a dark chocolate sauce
Flat White € 4
double espresso with steamed milk and a little microfoam layer on top
Café Latte € 3.8
espresso with a lot of milk and a little foam
Anna’s Latte € 4.5
café latte topped with dark chocolate and caramel sauce
Dessert Coffee
Café Mocha € 4.5
blend of hot chocolate milk and espresso coffee
Affogato € 5.5
scoop of vanilla ice cream showered with a hot shot espresso
Tipsy Affogato  å € 8.5
scoop of vanilla ice cream bathing in baileys liquor and showered with a shot espresso
Irish Coffee  å € 8.5
double espresso with Irish whiskey, cane sugar and fresh cream on top
Italian Coffee  å € 8.5
double espresso with Amaretto liquor and topped with cream
French Coffee  å € 8.5
double espresso with Grand Marnier liquor and topped with cream
Lawyer’s Coffee  å € 8.5
café latte with chocolate and homemade advocaat (eggnog) liquor
Latte Vegetale € 4.5
café latte prepared with oat milk
Latte Aromatizzato € 4.5
café latte flavoured with: caramel / speculoos / vanilla / hazelnut / salted caramel
Honey Latte € 5
café latte with a big spoon of delicious honey
Beetroot Latte € 5
latte infused with healthy beetroot vegetable
Kurkuma Latte € 5
frothed milk infused with kurkuma, agave and pepper
Masala Chai Tea Latte € 5
frothed milk with fully hand-crafted, high-quality ayurvedic and organic Chai sirup
Dirty Chai Latte € 5.5
chai tea latte with a shot espresso
Chocolate Chai Latte € 6
chai tea latte with hot chocolate milk
Matcha Tea Latte € 6.5
healthy vegetal mix of hot oat milk and fine pulvered green tea leaves
Milk & Chocolate
Pint of fresh Farm Milk € 3
big pint of fresh milk, cold or hot
Fruity Milk on Ice € 4.5
foamy milk on ice flavoured with red fruit
Chocolate Milk on Ice € 5
deliciously sweet chocolate milk served on ice
Kids Chocolate € 4.5
warm milk with a spoon of cacao spread, mini marshmallows and a cookie
Hot Chocolate - white, milk, dark € 4.5
hot velvety chocolate milk from deep dark, silky milk or bare white chocolate
Specialty Hot Chocolate € 6.5
hot silky chocolate milk, look at our selection on the wall
Baileys Chocolate  å € 8.5
hot dark chocolate milk mixed with Baileys Irish Cream liqueur
Specialty Tea
Bai Hao Yin Zhen | White | China, Fujian | € 4.5
soft and easy with a delicate nutty taste shifting to apricots sweetness
Mo Li Da Bai Hao | White | China, Jinggu | € 4.5
wonderful smell and tastes like white jasmine and sweet stonefruit
Sandakphu | White | Nepal, Sandakphu | € 4.5
sweet, slightly drying tea with a nice balance of vanilla, blue figs and sweet nuts
Wild Yabao | White | China, Lincang | € 4.5
subtle and elegant, tastes like fresh hay, green apple and flowers
Sencha | Green | Japan, Kyoto € 4.5
harmony between bitterness and umami
Longjin | Green | China, Hangzhou | € 4.5
highly refreshing with a smooth delicate taste of green vegetables accented by a soothing aroma of roasted chestnut and a sweet floral aftertaste
Jasmine | Green | China, Fuzhou € 4.5
especially creamy with a long floral aftertaste and a sense of mouthly freshness
Liuan | Green | China, Anhui | € 4.5
powerful fragrance but remarkably soft taste, savory notes and cucumber
Matcha | Green | Japan | € 6
pulvered tea leaves with an intense taste of green vegetables and grasses
Anxi Ti Kuan Yin | Oolong | China, Anxi, Fijuan | € 4.5
endive, rocket and lots of flowers, grassy and creamy
Dong Ding | Roasted Oolong | Taiwan, Nantou | € 4.5
subtle roasted taste with hints of almonds and peach in the aftertaste
Chan Keng | Oolong | China, Anxi, Fijuan | € 4.5
oolong tea with the taste of jasmine and nuts, but also sweet fruit
Milky Oolong | Oolong | Taiwan, Min Jian | € 4.5
creamy milk with honey taste, the floral aftertaste is reminiscent of osmantus
Ceylon | Black | Sri Lanka, Nilagama € 4.5
pleasingly soft leaf tea with a sweet fruity taste
Himalaya Gold | Black | Nepal, Maipakhori € 4.5
delicate sweetness of honey and raisins
Assam | Black | India, Tinsukia | € 4.5
powerful body with a soft aftertaste, sweet notes of raisin and chocolate, smell of autumn leaves
High Mountain | Black | Chiayi € 4.5
full bodied, rich taste, surprisingly fresh and floral touch with a long-lasting sweet aftertaste
Earl Grey | Black | Sri Lanka, Nilagama | € 4.5
classic black tea with essence of bergamot
Spicy Chai | Black € 4.5
black tea spiced with cinnamon, black pepper, ginger, cardamom, clove
Cherry Leaf | Japan, Shizuoka € 4.5
fruitiness from sweet cherries with a woody body and few spicy notes
Verveine | France, St. Antonio du Var | € 4.5
a little spicy, a bit floral with hints of nettle and a refreshing citrus aftertaste
Blue Butterfly | Thailand, Hang Dong | € 4.5
natural blue infusion with a subtle floral taste and a soft spicy aftertaste
Rooibos | Zuid Afrika | € 4.5
very soft traditional rooibos with a fruity, honey taste
Hibiscus | Maleisia € 4.5
fresh sour, slightly sweet fruit with a tingling mouthfeel
Chamomile € 4.5
wellness tea with a soft taste and soothing feel
Fresh Ginger € 5
fresh ginger infusion with a slice of lemon and a scoop of honey
Fresh Mint € 5
fresh infusion of mint leaves with a slice of lemon and a scoop of honey
Cascara € 5
infusion of coffee cherries, described as having a sweet, fruity taste with notes of rose hip, hibiscus, cherry, red current, mango or even tabasco
Cold & Iced
Frozen Americano € 4
double espresso chilled on ice
Frozen Filter € 4
filter coffee of the day served on ice
Iced V60 € 5.5
slow coffee freshly brewed over ice for a vitalizing caffeine boost
Cold Drip € 5
refreshing coffee extracted one drop at a time by melting ice producing a sweeter taste
Nitro Cold Brew € 5
hot brewed & cooled quickly with an added shot of nitrogen, creamy mouthfeel
Black Tonic € 5.5
​​​​cold drip coffee poured over a fizzy glass of tonic chilled on ice
Black Ginger € 5.5
​​​​cold drip coffee poured over a fizzy glass of ginger beer chilled on ice
Iced Cappuccino - Regular / Large € 4.5 / € 5
double espresso with milk and foam, chilling on ice, available regular or large
Iced Latte € 5
cold milk on ice showered with a single shot espresso
Iced Latte Vegetale € 5.5
Iced café latte prepared with oat or coconut milk
Iced Latte Aromatizzato € 5.5
Iced café latte flavoured with: caramel / speculoos / vanilla / hazelnut / salted caramel
Chocolate Milk on Ice € 5.5
deliciously sweet chocolate milk served on ice
Iced Mocha € 5.5
cold chocolate milk on ice showered with a single shot espresso
Iced Masala Tea Latte € 6
cold milk on ice with “Black Sense” masala chai syrup
Iced Matcha Tea Latte € 7.5
Matcha tea latte on ice, gives you more sweetness
Iced Baileys Chocolate  å € 8.5
cold chocolate milk and baileys on ice
Homemade Soft Drinks
Q Cumber lemonade € 4
refreshing fusion of cucumber and lemon
Blueberry lemonade € 4
sweet marriage of blueberry and orange
Melony lemonade € 4
balanced union of watermelon and mint
Elderflower lemonade € 5
soda infused with flower power
Rhubarb lemonade € 4
soda with rhubarb flavours
Pink Pomelo lemonade € 5
pink grapefruit with a blanket of fresh mint, only natural sugars
Fermented Ginger lemonade € 5
healthy refreshing drink, garnished with lime en agave
The Whitey € 4
citrus-like white tea with fresh mint
The Rusty € 4
infusion of coffee berries and oranges
The Tanzania € 4
natural infusion of herbal blue flowers, with lemon
Something Else?
Aqua Panna Still Water 25cl | € 2.5
San Pellegrino Sparkling Water 25cl € 2.5
Fritz Kola | 33cl regular or sugar free | € 3.5
cola from real cola nut extract, rich in natural caffeine and an unmistakable taste
Fritz Lemonade | 33cl € 3.5
lemon, orange, apple cherry or honey melon 
Aqua Tonic | 20cl | € 3.5
delicious tonic soda made with natural ingredients
Ginger Beer20cl | € 3.5
non-alcoholic spicy and intensly aromatic soft drink flavoured with ginger
Club Mate | 33cl | € 4
tea-based sparkling softdrink infused with mate-extract, rich in vitamins, minerals, caffeine and antioxidants
Artisanal Juice € 4
selection of artisanal produced seasonal fruit juices (apple, cacao)
Fresh Juice € 5
freshly squeezed oranges
Hot Spiced Apple Juice € 5.5
hot apple juice spiced with slices of ginger and lemon, and a touch of cinnamon
Black Tonic (0.0% Alc.) € 5.5
​​​​cold drip coffee poured over a fizzy glass of tonic chilled on ice
Black Ginger (0.0% Alc.) € 5.5
​​​​cold drip coffee poured over a fizzy glass of ginger beer chilled on ice
Aperol Spritz å € 8.5
refreshing cocktail with prosecco, aperol, sparkling water garnished with slices of orange
Mojito å€ 8.5
popular cocktail with sparkling water, rum, fresh mint, lime and sugar cane
Cosmopolitan å € 8.5
Sex in the city cocktail made with vodka, prosecco, cranberry juice, and freshly squeezed or sweetened lime juice
Martini Tonic å € 10
a wonderful simple but delicious cocktail based on Martini Bianco or Rosato
Gin Tonic å € 10
gin and tonic, on ice, also herbs and garnish! (check our current gin selection)
Turbo Gin Tonic å € 12
cold drip coffee chilled over your favourite gin tonic
Baileys Irish Cream å € 6
smooth velvety liqueur made with cream, cocoa beans, aged whiskey and vanilla pods
Kahlúa å € 6.5
liqueur made with rum, vanilla and coffee beans offering scents of bittersweet beans and roasted chestnut, and multi-layered flavours of black coffee and sweet butter
Sheridan's å € 6.5
one part coffee liqueur, and one part creamy liqueur on top, resembling an Irish coffee
Tia Maria å € 6.5
dark liqueur made with Jamaican rum, coffee beans, vanilla and sugar
Chouffe Coffee å € 8
warm liqueur based on Esprit d'Achouffe, a beer brandy produced by distilling Chouffe
Fryns Hasselt Kaffé å € 8
liqueur made of Hasselt grain Genever and ground coffee